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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”
- Arthur C. Clarke

CA Training offers an affordable, fast, intuitive, easy to use assessment experience.

Our system has been implemented and used by training offices across South Africa for the past four years and more and more offices are coming on board. Our client feedback reflects a positive and stress free experience and they are passing their SAICA visits with “flying colours!” Our system was developed and designed using cutting edge state of the art technology and over eighteen years of hands on specialist assessment experience.  You can relax knowing that our system is SAICA compliant, backed up daily utilizing cloud technology and is always up to date with latest SAICA modifications.

We understand the practical challenges training offices face with regard to completing assessment forms and have therefore designed unique functionality and controls to streamline the assessment process thereby assisting our clients in saving significant time and reducing stress.  Our commitment to our clients is to fully support them throughout the assessment process and to offer bespoke individualized service.

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