Accreditation as a Training Office

Assisting training offices in complying with the process to register as a training office with SAICA. This includes preparing the application form, the required SAICA attachments, bench marking and best practice.


Reviewing the TSRs, PSRs, and ANAs and making recommendations where improvement is required. We also review and assist in customizing moderation and assessment processes, evaluate the effectiveness and fairness of reviewers, evaluator/s and assessor/s, making recommendations for improvement and assist the training office in instances where trainees, reviewers, evaluators or assessors cannot reach agreement on a rating for an outcome.

Policies and Documentation

We assist training offices to maintain and keep their SAICA documents and polices up to date, including a central platform in the form of a website that hosts each training office’s required policies, documentation including company specific information.


We provide ongoing training to all the assessment stakeholders including trainee induction, reviewer and evaluator training.


We provide our own assessment tools to help complete the required assessment forms for each trainee.


We boast a strong IT team and utilise the latest technologies.